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i’m back from nanaimo … it was the last day of training. training week was good. i have met 30 new interesting people in the last four days.
that’s pretty much all i have to say. i’m pretty tired from staying up late at night almost every night of the week and getting up early each morning for work.
i seem to like whats on late at night much better than the daytime. showcase shows weird movies, cbc does too, knightrider is on, conan o’brien is on, etc. that’s enough to keep me awake.
in any case, i better stop it because i can’t function that well in the day time without my sleep.

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  1. You’re right.
    And I still don’t have a new camera. My cracked F65 stares balefully at me, knowing she’s about to be replaced. All I need now is about a grand…
    And then us photogs will cavort about, causing many a ruckus and caffuffle…
    Right then. Bed time for this wack-o.

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