return to nanaimo

this is my first return to nanaimo.
when i say “i’m going home,” remind me to qualify that statement with “i’m going home( to nanaimo)” or “i’m going home( to victoria)”. yeah.
so, i’m in nanaimo now watching the mess in victoria on the new VI. the host of this show is advocating the premier staying in power in british columbia. and she has some guy in a red turtleneck with her to support her position. sitting across the circular table from them is moe sihota.
the host (pia shandell) said she felt a little sardonic and amused looking at the comments of some of the people asking for gordon campbell to resign. pia has displayed a shameful disposition the entire show. this is disgusting. there is no integrity in this situation. there is no way i can say that i trust gordon campbell after this. how can you? he was sober before he had the drinks. he made the decision, soberly, to have the drinks. did his car appear out of nowhere and demand to be driven?
i don’t think so. this is so simple. his supporters are going to dwindle and become embarassed, although some remain so proud that they can’t even admit the gravity of the situation. this is the problem where the accused is also the judge and the jury. there is no statute which would remove a premier for something like this. gordon campbell is clearly drunk still, only now with power.
there are so many things to say about this. he says he was not smiling in his mug shots. the cbc story shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was. his remorse may be real, but it was definitely scripted.
when the media asked him about previous occassions of driving under the influence and if any existed, he said “not to the best of my knowledge.” this answer is unsatisfactory. i want a “yes” or a “no” to a close ended question. do not modify it. it is black and white. in british columbia, it is a criminal offence to drink and drive. if he admits that he has done so before, that would mean he wasn’t eligible to lead the liberal party.
christie clark, the deputy premier tried to diffuse the situation by mentioning something about it being a vacation. you hear that kids? it’s okay to do stupid [bleep] on vacation! oh happy day..
this is so sad. i am embarassed to be living in a province where the premier can do things like this. he isn’t even eligible to apply for the job i have right now.

gary collins says that it’s a personal issue and has nothing to do with his job as premier. i would agree, except there’s no way in hell that being premier has nothing to do with decision making. this is all about poor decision making. make the connection, gary. i’m worried about him.
pia shandell, christie clark and gary collins are all of the train of thought that if they turn their head on this issue, all will be good. that is neglectful. we have no way to have confidence in our “honourable” premier.
i do not condemn him as a person. he just isn’t suitable for the title of his job. that is all.

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  1. dav, thanks for the update on the drunk-premier situation. it’s totally shameful.
    that’s a fantastic picture! is that the pressroom? did i mention that picture is fantastic?

  2. they mentioned on ctv that prior to this incident, campbell had a 64% public disapproval rate. so i’d say it’s fair to assume that mr. popular, just won a few more notches on the ol’ mr. un-popular belt. *wink* in the last 20 years, BC has not had a premier that fully finished their term, with out stepping down. so i’m sure that campbell is fully aware of that little facet of our history, and i think he’ll do whatever he can to stay in power, short of being run out of office, tarred and feathered. and for the record, i agree with yor statements on this matter. it’s disgusting that he’s portraying this image as our “leader” r “head decissionmaker”

  3. HI Dav,
    Great photo. YOu have the amazing ability to make nanaimo look purdy. Any idea of when or where the new years photos will be up. Also, I have a phone number now. the number is… 754-5381. Thats 754-kev1. Call me:)

  4. great pic of the pressroom club! I love how that room is set up for visuals and sound. *sigh*, one day Davin we must take the pr0g mahsive there, regarless of what Nanaimo thinks hehehe

  5. Charles!!! Exactly, Exactly, EXACTLY!
    Whatever happened to Tar and Feathering those bloody politicians!? Argh! The world is not what it was..(obviously, hehe)

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