go canucks!

tonight i went to watch the canucks game at Piper’s Pub with emily, dave, holly, andrew, kelly and cynthia. and we won!@#$^&*(~ i mean, they won. go team!
anyways, my proton radio featured artist set was on today and apparently there were over 400 listeners. dude. that is zope. i hope everyone liked it .. i worked really hard on it! i’ll be posting it for download soon (it’s 246 megs @ a 192k mp3) .. don’t worry, it’ll be hosted off of lefty.ca’s phat pipes. 8)
in other news.. i took a bunch more pictures today .. i’m not sure how good they are, but some of them should be interesting, i reckon.
i have been pondering a few things lately. and in that pondering, i have decided .. nothing at all.
i need more time to obfuscate priorities.
when was the last time you spent half an hour with a two year old that was trying to convince you that she was a scary dragon? i wasn’t scared.

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