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  1. i am looking forward to this mix. very much so.
    i was extremely impressed with elliptical orbit.
    in fact i just bought a copy of cass-prologue 3×12″ on Fire rec. just for the maladjusted tune.
    i know i have been m.i.a. as of late. i apologize. i have been hermit-ing it up with cubase sx. and i just got a new sound card, which totally rocks ass, a delta audiofile 2496. it sounds soo good, and so clean, and so loud! 🙂
    so when you come back to vic, we’ll definately have to hang out for a bit, perhaps even write some choons together?

  2. Good luck with it, Davin. Woot woot!
    Everyone – if you check out the site be sure to click on Davin’s picture to get to the bio. It rocks.

  3. hey dav, i missed the original broadcast 🙁 and I’ve been going back to the site repeatedly to see if they’re playing your set. Is there any way to get it on demand?

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