so, first day of work, first day of training.
i have a new nickname. “deadly davin.”
is that deadly or whut!?
i have to admit, i am going slightly nutty without a USB port in sight to plug my canon into. ooga booga.
also, i think i’d like to set up PINE as a client on my machine so i can SSH in and check email that way. that would be way faster. hm. checking shaw’s webmail on this computer takes about 5 minutes per email, not including reply. so, if i am not responding to your emails.. i will. but not until the weekend. 🙂
everything here in nanaimo is awesome. but, i am terribly homesick at this moment. that is all.

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  1. I hate being homesick. I was like that when I first moved to Nanaimo from Port Alberin.
    Jen and I will try to pop by at the Telus store and re”introduce” ourselves, if we see you there this week.

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