cue and eh

krishen’s cue: very nice shot! what part of nanaimo is that?
davin’s eh: that’s actually victoria eh! that was shot at the panorama leisure centre. i don’t have any USB ports to plug my camera into here. eh.
krishen’s cue: did you post that entry from Auntie Arlene & Uncle Hans place?
davin’s eh: yes i sure did, they have a performa 5200CD. rad, a computer model with CD as a part of it. ol’ skoo!
krishen’s cue: how was the press room?
davin’s eh: it was fun, hardly anyone was there, but i had a good time talking to mzat, ellusive, collin, visa, phil and a few local DJ’s. zope.
krishen’s cue: how’d you get there?
davin’s eh: ellusive / andy and his girlfriend picked me up. he lives close-ish by!
krishen’s cue: is it walking distance?
davin’s eh: no, not really .. kind of though .. maybe if it was warmer out.. but it would probably take about an hour . .so i guess that isn’t walking distance. i was only outside for a bit and it made my cold a lot worse. ack.
kevin’s cue: where are the pictures Dav.
davin’s eh: everywhere! do you mean the ones from Saturday night? they’re still on My Camera. i am USB portless. augh!
kevin’s cue: how are you finding The Mo.
davin’s eh: the mo is not bad. i went milling around the mall today with my aunt. that was cool. i found this hoodie that was looking pretty good on the hanger but i didn’t like it on me. i don’t think that has anything to do with nanaimo though. hmmm.. nanaimo is a lot busier than i thought it was. there’s a lot of traffic on bowen road. i live near something known as “cyber city.” yes indeed. there are strange space crafts and blinking lights on them. it’s amazing i say. i’ll go get a shot of it tonight or another night when i don’t have a cold.
devon’s cue: vancouver > nanaimo
davin’s eh: that’s not a cue, eh!
i miss everyone in victoria!
tomorrow morning is my first day at training.. should be entertaining. 🙂

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  1. Thanks Dav,
    I am glad that you are enjoying the Mo. It’ll take some getting used to but I think I will make it!

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