exhibit a

i have decided to wait until boxing day to get a digital camera. i mean, being this close to boxing day, why not?
the picture above is of myself and angie. i hereby acknowledge the cheesiness of this picture. but it’s good cheese. i work with angie. this coming week is my last week working with her and everyone else. over the last couple months, we’ve become good pals (as displayed in Exhibit A) and i’ll be sad not to be working with her any more. so then, of course we’re going to have an end-of-work-term-party. all 27 of us. on friday i am hosting my first ever (non-birthday) party. so far, what i know i’ll need is this:

  • ghetto blaster
  • paper/cardboard plates
  • ghetto blaster. um, no, i already said that. oops!

obviously i have no idea what i am doing. got ideas? help.

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  1. i swear i posted a response to this earlier today, but i guess i didn’t. dav, that’s prolly why you were a bit puzzled when i said i suggested twister. you were like, “whut?”
    so, uh yeah…get the twister out! (twister’s on my amazon xmas wishlist. *hopehope*)

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