do you work here?

tomorrow is my last week for the Phase 2 VI PSYT. so far there’s been a few good suggestions for what we should do and have on friday night. some of my coworkers have suggested i bring my turntables upstairs and mix for them. at first i was like “what?” i don’t want to be background music.. but i think they’re actually wanting me to do it, so that’s cool.
another interesting suggestion from julie is twister. haha ok this is something i can say i’ve never done before. i’ll see if anyone at work has The Stuff.
angie’s suggestion is a gift exchange, and something called the ‘egg nog dipping contest.’ haha, that sounds dirty. it isn’t.
i think.
it’s going to be a potluck, so there will be prizes for best dishes etc. plus we’ll get to eat all sortsa stuff! mmmm stuff.
last night i went to see The Seams. morgan from work is in the band and he plays bass for them. it was a good show. they describe themselves as country, but sort of tongue in cheek country. it’s in the lyrics. i would liken them to blue rodeo, so sort of prog country. if there is such a thing.
wednesday morgan is playing with his other band, mourning wood, at steamers. this should be an entertaining show as well!
that’s it for now. i am going to attempt to go swimming tonight.

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  1. Er…. I used work there. That’s the sign from the door at the Computer-Assisted Language Learning facility down in the basement of Clearihue.
    We put up that sign because students would walk back in there and “borrow” things from us.
    I second Twister, it’s good. Charades is also a lot of fun.

  2. Twister is a blast, I vote yes to that. Hopefully you’ll decide to spin, Dav – maybe you’ll bring your music to new people. Adrian had a great time playing an after-hours party awhile back. It was neat to see everyone enjoying his kind of music.
    And Neil – blog it up man! 🙂

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