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  1. Yeah. That’s the intersection of the B- and A-wings on the ground floor of the Clearihue building at UVic. The long hallway on the leftside? That’s B-wing, Women’s Studies. See where that bike is parked on the right? On that pillar someone wrote “National Coming Out Week, Oct 13th” in chalk. No-one erased it for like, a year and a half. Actually it might still be there.
    And if you were to pivot 90 degrees to the right, open the door, and walk down the hallway, you’d pass Humanities advising on your left (formerly Arts & Science advising), and eventually you’d reach the entrance to the Clearihue Computing Facility (formerly the MacLab) on the right — where I held a part-time job for past five years.

  2. julie: that courtyard is great! it’s a little slice of otherworld there.
    devon: heh.. yeah, if you go to uvic I don’t think you can avoid clearihue. I swear all 18,000 students use the d-wing washroom every two hours.

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