i have done nothing today, except for a small record order from HTFR. and that isn’t really any big accomplishment. i disputed a parking ticket over the phone, and i need to go to the store to pick up some stuff.
it was kinda weird. i played the first two hours because yoseff decided to take the night off. jim was hanging out for the first hour and a half and then left. there were about 3 people there for my set. at 11, when braeden went on, about 20 people showed up all at the same time. strangeness. i’m glad they were there for braeden.. i’m getting used to playing for no one. its disheartening at first, but after you do it a few times you realize that DJing is straight up work sometimes.
the set i played last night was really dark. dark darkness and darky dark. the few people that were there didn’t leave — they seemed to enjoy it. a few of the spec people showed up and it was good to see them.
now back to your regularly scheduled business.

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