today i am going for coffee with a friend who i have not hung out with in some time. this some time is .. at least a few weeks, but for some reason it feels like way longer than that.
every time we go for coffee it is really enjoyable. this person has a different perspective than me on a lot of things, which i really appreciate. i have found our conversations to be refreshing and sometimes even inspiring.
when we go for coffee, i usually drink tea. going for coffee doesn’t mean drinking coffee. it just means going to a coffee shop, or a reasonable facsimile, to socialize and ingest discussion or general blatherings. that is what it means to me, anyways. does anyone have any other definitions?
it used to be that i’d go for coffee, get wired up on cheap denny’s coffee, and engage in nonsensical banter about whatever. i’ve been a lot nicer to my tummy lately, not drinking nearly as much coffee. every now and then i have one, but i definitely feel it in my stomache later. meh.
jim just mentioned to me via ICQ that winter is upon us. in victoria, winter means straight up really boring miserable weather and chances of sleet and slush. bah! give me snow, heaps of it!

On Mon, Nov 18, 2002, 12:18 PM, Salvador said :
heaps of it#$(%^#! enough to bury the werld@!$%(%

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  1. Indeed. Winter should be swift to arrive, harsh in her white fury, but then abruptly interrupted by blazing sunshine just before she gets comfortable.

    I am the Snow lørd!!!
    Ur tøwn of ‘Victøria’ will get nø snøw until I and my other 31337 $nøw d3mønz r appeazed!!!!!
    I HAVE (\/)/-\|) $|\|ø\/\/ $k|££z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    😀 😀 😀 😀

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