bowling for dollars

i had a wicked day at work. We were at Oaklands Elementary, which is where my dad works as a teacher. so it was kinda funny to be teaching his class about being powersmart after my dad had spent the last 20 years telling me to turn my lights off. hahahaha.
i was slated to do the play tomorrow with David and Angie. i had already talked with the two of them earlier (on Saturday) about it and we were pretty excited to do the skit together. however, i found out today that i’ve been moved to another school! so i wont get to do the play with them. drat. 🙁
it’s really cool being a part of a large group. you get to work with so many different people and every group has a different dynamic in any given setting. it’s quite interesting, actually.
i was over at braeden’s tonight. we were mixing it up. we were only an dual-RCA-to-headphone-jack-adaptor short of shoutcasting the session. i had even brought a mic so that we could do shout-outs! alas. perhaps next time.
so then, i played arctic exploration on braeden’s sound system and the result was much more encouraging than monday night when i played it at hush. i think that hush may not necessarily be a great place to sound-test tracks, as the EQ constantly needs tweaking on the sound system as the main volume increases or decreases. it sounded really muddled on monday night, but after tonight i’m feeling good about the track. monday i was pretty blah about it. blah.
oh to be hybrid. haha. 🙂
speaking of hybrid, their new songs Gravastar and Celebrity Science are rather massive affairs. love me some hybrid. mmm hmm.
tomorrow evening i am going to see bowling for columbine. who has seen this already? who has not? what did you think? what did you not think? how would you know that you didn’t think that without thinking about it?

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  1. haha, that’s hilarious about telling Dad’s kids to be Powersmart!
    I saw Bowling… with Simon two Saturdays ago. I think you’ll like it!
    I’ve got few comments about it that would be much easier/better expressed after you’ve seen the movie — but I’ll say one thing right now — it certainly helped me with my Canadian identity. 🙂

  2. i’m still pretty damn freaked out that my screenplay based on the first picture you posted, right down to the prominence of the bad take-out coffee in this shot, is so close to what you were actually doing.
    robin? no! his name is ice! or steel! or some other monosylabic which starts with “the”. he has no last name! and no left arm! well, only sometimes. in fact, he has two left arms. no! three! they’re just off on secret missions of their own. to scary places full of intrigue! and other even scarier places full of even more intrigue! oldsmobile intrigue!
    in other events, i noticed you were between the monitors for your track, and between the monitors sounds about 13.7 times better than out in the club. like saturday night with braeden, i wasn’t train spotting, i was just trying to hear something over 7000 cycles.

  3. bowling is a must see, imo. not without it’s flaws, but at times hilarious, brilliant and even disturbing . see it before it moves to a smaller screen at the odeon, it simply doesn’t make as much an impact on the smaller screen.

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