bowling for another night

after much discussion, I decided to watch harry potter tonight instead of bowling for columbine, and then watch bowling another night soon, and also see harry potter 2 soon. so yeah. sounds like I have my priorities in order now. haha 🙂
a bit of a design-shift — not a redesign — of the website. sorta more like how I want it, sorta kinda. how elite is that blue up there now?
it is no less than zope.
i have applied for the nanaimo wave of the powersmart campaign. hopefully i’ll get it. i’m not sure about commuting, i could possibly stay with my aunt there, and come back 2 days a week. not sure yet. still have to see if i can get the job. november 29th is when i’ll know. if i was to get it, it would start on january the 6th, i believe, which would give me enough time to have a decent holiday, although i’m not so sure about travelling now. 6 days may not be enough time, and i definitely want to be in victoria for new years. there is always may for Project Cocoa as well, which i’d like to go to but i’m not certain i see that materializing yet for me.
that is all.

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