i had another great day at work today, a little adventure, and mostly office work.
i did a little more tweaking to the website layout today and now i am at spyguy’s mixing it up live on the lefty/spy stream!
since i don’t have to work until 11:30 am tomorrow, tonight i am headed to hush. i am not sure who is playing. i heard something about czech, but am not sure. maybe i should check to find out! oh yep, it says there that it is czech tonight. cool.
yoseff and I figured out the december lineup for chlorine and it looks like it’s going to be great. i’ll be working on the poster tomorrow evening after work.

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  1. i’m just thrilled to death you got chris sheppard to close for you guys. he looked pretty hard up when i flung change at him downtown this afternoon, his eye patch, his jolly roger hat and his cutlass are all looking a little ragged and worse for the wear these days. “arrrrgh matee! yarr, buy mee pirate radio sessons see-dee, arrgh, it’s got mee skull and bones upon the covar! arrrrrrgh! volume XXIX is out, so underground ye needs a shovel to get at that treasure. arrrrrrgh!”
    in an unrelated note, do you realize this week marks a year since i blogged about those crazy kids with their “mahssive” signs at the pete tong show at one lounge? what a difference a year can make.
    arrrrrrgh! i just like saying that. arrrrrrgh!

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