the winds

The winds may blow, but it is up to us to adjust our sails.
Or something.
I can’t say I remember a day that I was more tired on than last night.
I went for coffee with Jim and Chrissie at about 6:30. At about 6:45 Chrissie says “Wow, you look tired.” That was it. I was suddenly aching to be in my bed. By 7 pm, I had to call it a night and drove Chrissie and Jim home.
I came home and had probably the nicest bath I’ve ever had. Booyah. By around 8 I was in bed. I didn’t sleep particularly well last night but I feel alright today.
So enough about that. A friend pointed me towards a marketing professional position at a media firm that I’m going to apply for. It’s in Victoria too, so that is definitely a bonus!
Arctic Exploration is getting lyrical treatment from Jim and vocals from Chrissie. I’m pretty excited about this .. this is definitely my favorite song to-date and I feel like something pretty special is going to happen here. 😀

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