That is Ria, a good friend of mine. Ria has been from Toronto for the last two months but I’ve barely hung out with her. d’Oh!
I rented “Showtime” last night, yet another cop movie with Eddie Murphy in it. Also, it is yet another Robert De Niro movie. Now, De Niro is my favorite actor.. so I figured this movie could not suck. I could tell that the storyline really lacked in substance before I rented it, but I wanted to see Eddie Murphy with Robert De Niro in a “zany” comedy.
It was worth renting just to see them squabbling. I don’t know if I’d recommend this movie for everyone but I enjoyed it.
Isn’t it Hallowe’en today?
It is!!
Happy Hallowe’en!!!#$^(@#$)$@()#@##!@!

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