the other man

you know he’s not the one for you but that’s no fault of mine
he knows that I’m a friend of yours but doesn’t know I’ve crossed the line
i know you’ve got a man in the picture but it hasn’t stopped me yet
we’ve all been in one situation or another we regret
now I’m the other man, no one’s rootin for me
if I’m the other man, nature will abhorr me
you know I want to keep my distance, does it happen anyway?
he knows you’re going to drift apart and there’s nothing he can say
i know that he’s a stand-up guy – but that’s none of my concern
we’ve all been in one situation or another – it’s my turn
to be the other man no one sympathises
when you’re the other man that everyone despises
he’s going to find out that the rumours are true
the love that I’ve still unbeknownst to you
he’ll found out so I’ll tell you because
you gotta find out before he does

words by Sloan.

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  1. yep same guys .. doesn’t really sound like them, probably their best produced tune that I’ve heard to date. It’s in heavy rotation on the radio right now.

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