Last night at Chlorine was zope. Nickgurns rocked the decks and the masses swayed in true massive fashion. Progzillaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!
Today I return to work .. after 3 much needed days off, I feel a jillion times better than I did last Friday.
Oh yeah.. be watching out for a pretty funny blog link on Jim’s website today. Hehehehehehehehehehehe.

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  1. hmmmm, where is my site? last hits were from just before 8 this morning, and every site on that server is dead. must be the wind.
    nick was beyond mahssive last night, great to hear him play after all those months away eating lions or whatever it was he was up to.
    and “arctic exploration was” verihuge. it sounded like it came from space and not your basement, honoured to have been there to witness its debut. and if i write any more, i’ll be guilty of blogging in your comments box. i’ll post that killer link this aft, server willing.

  2. zaa?
    i wished i woulda stayed to hear it, too bad you didn’t name it general elevator tho… hmmm always next time.

  3. jim, hopefully your site comes back up soon! thanks again for the feedback, going to work on it some more now. 🙂 charles, general elevator.. roffle. hehehehehe

  4. wow..davin..hope you got lots o’zzzz’s last night. I can’t say I’ve ever seen you that tired before, and this comes from someone who has hung out with you in the wee hours countless times!
    p.s.love the toon..

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