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  1. Although the G3 does produce very fine pictures, I find it too feature laden and bulky. You end up paying for a lot of features that most people would never use.
    One thing to keep in mind is unless you plan on printing out a lot of photos, anything over 2.5 or 3 megapixels is a waste because it will be larger than the screen.
    I have a Nikon Coolpix and quite like it. It is small, has 3 megapixels and can be found for about $500 – $600 on eBay new.

  2. as you know, i’m a canon kid, always been happy. one thing about higher resolutions is that you can always use less res than ya got, but never more. and you may only rarely want that quality, but the thing is, you don’t know when you’d need it until one day you take a totally stellar picture that looks amazing on the screen, but the resolution is not enough for printing, to sell, to enter in a contest, or to have appear in a magazine.
    my suggestion is to buy the highest resolution you can afford. and as far as those other features, you may well fall in love with photography after using the cam a while, and suddenly, they’re very nice to have.
    one more note about resolution, even aside from printing, it may be larger than your screen, but as soon as you start cropping, them extra pixels is important.

  3. check out the canon s40, jill just took that to Asia travelling and it is taking really nice crisp pictures. It is a 4 megapixel compact camera with all of the features of the g2 (except ability for extra lenses and fold out lcd<— really cool though). It is a great camera and has many settings to make sure that you get a great shot. I used to own an canon s100, it took 4000 shots before it died in a waterfall but canon cameras take a serious beating…I would say that, like a computer you buy whatever you can afford that has the best features that you need, i would not by anything less then 3 megapixel unless you want to just post online.

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