we did our first night of chlorine tonight with Charles Paul aka Noma! He is such a good dj. Damn.
The coffee meet that was supposed to be at Cafe De La Lune was not. I arrived a bit early, but as it turns out, Cafe De La Lame is now closed on holidays. Whut?!?! Soooo lame! I waited in front with all the sketchy people for about 20 minutes. Then Quinten showed up, and we made a sign that said “rave.vic meet has gone to QV’s!” We bumped into Richard on the way to QV’s and we all had coffee.
i have 2 days off! What should I do with these days off, peoples?
Should I:
a) do nothing
b) make music
c) make graphics
d) go to vancouver
e) play it by ear
f) other?

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  1. g) all of the above. life is short, and when the sun explodes, there will no longer be bc ferry food.
    oh wait, if you do a, you can’t do any the rest. well, maybe e, but only if you don’t hear anything.
    oh wait, that could be misconstrued. i mean the letter e on your list.
    now i’m confused. coffee’s ready! ohmygoditsfivethirtyfourinthemorning. that is all.

  2. I remember when I discovered Cafe de la Lune wasn’t open 24 hours any more.. twas 2 am, I was drizzzzzzunk and really needed to pee, and some HUGE guy was hassling me for a fight.
    good times

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