camera hunt

So, it appears that a great deal of the responses have leaned toward a Canon G2 (which I heard is discontinued) or G3 (which I heard is pricey to the tune of $1300) and not really any responses towards the Fuji Finepix 3800. I think I have to check out what Canon carries in the G series. Uhh, G series sounds like a rap compilation, but that’s not what I meant.
In other news. . I’ve been working, battling a very boring and uneventful headcold, and sleeping plenty. Oh, and I watched Monsters Inc. last night. Very cute movie, awesome animation and rendering etc. Go watch it just for the geek factor, even.

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  1. i m looking for a secret camera…!
    so will ya please show me some snap of secret camera
    i really need it

  2. sir
    i need some secrets camera
    please sir show me some snap
    i will be waiting for ypur replay

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