RGM Flashback

A while ago Chrissie lent me a bunch of her tapes that she had made of the RGM show. As I slowly go through them, I’m coming across tonnes of great music, great mixing, moments of clearness on the air, and moments of silliness.
I will, in all likelyhood, be posting these clips on the website as I find them. Here is one from the classiv show that features nickgurns on the decks (he has the Quivver mix of Pete Lazonby’s “Sacred Cycles” on in the background), myself on the main mic and Bedlam with Spyguy also on the surrounding mics. Check it out.

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  1. the surrounding mics kinda sucked. the main mike hung from a boom right in front of your face, but the surrounding sennheisers were on the desk (the mahssive desk of broadcast trance)and so whenever anyone spoke into them, they’d have their neck bent down and their eyes rolled up to look at the person on the cool mike, and i think this is why dj laureate arizonz0r always sounded so much cooler on the air than the rest of us.
    i miss rgm, a lot. i miss the nights in the studio, for sure, but i miss the nights before i knew any of you, when i was just joe listener, driving in my pony on a saturday night trancing to the beat as i made my way through beacon hill on my way home. i can’t remember the number of times my five minute drive from the village to my place became a 45 minute cruise just ’cause the music was so good.
    i miss the magic. hurry back.

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