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I went to East Sooke Park today with Jim. It was just gorgeous out there..
Gorgeous is probably my most over-used word lately. That isn’t particularly a bad thing .. I have to be constantly surrounded by beauty to over-use it, so things are cool.
On the way out we stopped at Burger King where you could make chicken noises to get a free chicken salad as a part of a promotion for the new B107.3 FM. Also you could say a promo phrase for a free milkshake:
Jim managed to pull this one off for the free milkshake but I managed to screw it up about 6 times and then decided it just wasn’t worth it for the free milkshake. Besides, Jim’s milkshake didn’t look that great anyways, especially after just having a Vanilla Creme Frappicino (spelling on that?) from Starbux. Mmmmmm….
After that we cruised back to Gordon Hood, at which time the sun was setting. We went up on Mt. Doug and witnessed one hell of a neat looking sunset. Jim took sun-setting pictures and there should be something to show off soon!
Tonight I’m going swimming at Oak Bay Rec. People are asking me lately “what’s with you and swimming?!” Well, I figure it’s kind of like going for coffee, except with less clothes on. So it’s kind of like going to the bar, except you can hear eachother. And go on the water slide.. and the hot tub, and the swinging rope, and the sauna.. oh yeah, and you can even swim!
So I find all of this enjoyable. Additionally, I enjoyed going swimming when I was younger quite a bit. There’s just something about going out for a swim that is incredibly refreshing and that holds a great deal of importance to me. Being on the interweb too much makes you dirty. All those computer viruses and such.
I have decided I really enjoy this blogging thing. Writing is good, and even somewhat therapeutic. Thanks Devon, Jim, and Julie! Word to the massive.

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