AFK – Atholhu

AFK – Atholhu

  1. Dustin H – Receive The Light (Fractal’s Photons Are Data remix) – Pacific Front Recordings
  2. Dustin H – Receive The Light (His Boy Elroy remix) – Pacific Front Recordings
  3. Hybrid – I Choose Noise (Elite Force remix) – Distinctive
  4. Formulate – Voice of Qi (Seed remix) – Pacific Front Recordings
  5. Royal Assassin – Timing and Precision (AFK’s Icy Manipulator remix) – Inaspace UK
  6. LP – Angels (Original mix) – Project Argo
  7. Hybrid – Until Tomorrow (Stefan Anion’s Surviving Another Day remix) – Distinctive
  8. Lost Tribe – Under The Red Sea (Original mix) – Hooj Choons

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The name “Atholhu” is the original Dhivehi word for atoll. Pictured above is Zorg, one of three sharks that lives in the living room here.
This mix was originally done for Fractal’s “Tide Pool is Love” show on Proton Radio. Since that particular show airs at midnight on a Thursday night, I thought it might be fair to post the set here so that people who may have missed it could have a listen. Let me know what you think.

update on updates

I keep a list of recommended links around for other people as much as I do for myself. So, if it starts becoming useless when people are not updating their sites, it becomes an interest to pare down the list to those websites which are continually maintained by the authors themselves.
My list as of earlier today:
Krishen – Consistently updated.
Neil – Hasn’t been updated in a really long time. Toast
Anand – Last updated in March. Toast.
Dad – Hasn’t been updated in a year. Jam.
Extrametrical – Consistently updated.
Jordan – Updated regularly until a month ago. On notice..
James – Last updated in April. Bye bye for you.
Mattbass – Recently updated.
Nicole – Hasn’t been updated this year. BBFY.
Renee – Consistently updated.
Julie – Regularly updated.
Adrian – Also updated regularly until a month ago. Hmm..
Kimli – Link updated, website regularly updated.
Hybridesque – Not updated since February. Toast..
Amanday – Regularly updated
Jaime – Long gone in cleverness.
c79 – Hasn’t been updated in half a year. Toast..
Darren Barefoot- Regularly updated, probably the most on this list..
Graham – Regularly updated.
Hessie the Destroyer – Regularly updated.
Corey Lee – Last update “I’m on facebook, are you?” That was in March. Toast..
Cam – Regularly updated.
Low resolution – Regularly updated
Malcolm Gladwell – appears his blog has disappeared.
The Essential Mike – No longer updated.
Spongeknuckles – Sadly no longer updated.
See the new list of recommended links. There is one new one in there which has returned to the Land of Updatio – Adam Quiney’s website, and Graham Davis’ website with his new website address.

ariz0na – Last Stand

The last dj ariz0na mix starts off with some spooky progressive house before following a familiar format – progressive house into progressive breaks into progresive trance. Not all of the ariz0na sets follow this format, but most of my favorite ones do. The reasoning behind this is that I believe that going from progressive house to progressive trance is just too obvious and too easy for everyone involved. Thousands of DJ’s make mixes like that every day. I do not find it compelling, but make no mistake – I do think it’s a good idea when one is DJing live to take the momentum they’ve got. But this is not a live CD, this is a mix CD, designed through mixing to take you several different places and leave you somewhere that feels pretty far away from where you began. This is a mix built to compell and push the comfort levels once again, and it is a mix to finish what I started 9 years ago when I first started giving out mix CDs.


  1. Porter and Blain – Surrounding Darkness (Original mix)
  2. Quivver – Brothers and Sisters (Original mix)
  3. Madoka – Distant Memories (Matthew Dekay remix)
  4. Gouryella – Walhalla (Hybrid’s Echoplex remix)
  5. General Midi and Hyper – We’ve Been Waiting (Fretwell remix)
  6. Twenty First Century Fux – Sunspirit (Ivan Gough and Luke Chable’s Oreo Breakbeat remix)
  7. Healy and Amos – Bleachin’ (Hybrid remix)
  8. Laguna Seca – The Flow (Nalin and Kane remix)
  9. August – Tongue Tied [In the Congo] (Original mix)
  10. JunkieXL – Bon Voyage (Original mix)
  11. The Arc – Echobeach (Original mix)
  12. Resistance D – Feel High (Spacefrog vs. Timelord remix)
Download: Download ariz0na – Last Stand

circle of friends

Click to embiggen.
This was generated by a 3rd party tool on facebook and it has limits:
“You have too many friends. Become less popular. Limiting to 400..
Your friend wheel has been generated and added to your profile.”
Neat concept. I like how it groups people together in clusters. Inadvertently you can see the electronica scene in Victoria as a cluster at the bottom in the green.
Speaking of “electronica”, I have a mix airing on Pacific Front Sessions on Proton Radio this Wednesday at noon PST with Joel Armstrong, and another mix later this week on Tide Pool is Love on Proton Radio with Fractal. That one is on at midnight on Thursday night for you nocturnal types.
As you may have heard, “ariz0na” is done and as such there is one last DJ ariz0na mix which I will be posting shortly. I will continue mixing (as I have lately) under the AFK name, which I also produce under. The event to end ariz0na was a smashing success, and was a great chance for people to soak up the Pacific Front sound, what with Formulate, c79, Dustin H and Fractal also performing that night. Definitely a night to remember!