may day weekend photos

i’m not sure how much i have to write about, but i definitely will show you the pictures. i’ll start with friday night, which featured a gig at sugar that i had been looking forward to for some time.

djing @ kube. picture by julie.

the end of the night
the gig went pretty well, although my mixing wasn’t as hot as i would have liked. that’s what i get for going on stage and being hungry still. i should have gone to the brickyard for pizza before .. not after. mmm.. pizza..

i am knot sure what is going on here!
the next day was saturday.. and although i have no pictures from saturday, i can tell you that it effected my pictures on sunday. saturday night i went to the 11:11 showing of the Matrix Reloaded. i expected greatness, i got greatness. lovely flick. sunday morning at 8:30 i was up and leaving for lake cowichan after only about 4 hours of sleep.

grampa’s front yard. there happened to be a car show in lake cowichan that day and it kept me semi-conscious for a bit.

how fast is that? i’d post pictures but none of the cars were incredibly unique..

no tours? 🙁 i went up to the local earth station but it was all fenced off. i’d like to come to this place on a full moon.

the dishes are quite large — there’s a staircase going up behind that big one. after looking at the dishes for a bit it was time to go to nanaimo to visit my aunt and uncle.

my little cousins really like the camera. cheyenne especially likes making up music videos where she sings original material in an original language. too cute! my aunt spoiled me at dinner time as she did the whole time i stayed with her while i was working for bc hydro. it was weird being in that room again, just for the night.

greg and lexi. i was ultra tired but for some reason i decided to go out. i got in touch with greg and later we were engulfing cups of coffee with his friend lexi. after some fries and coffee, we went to the press room for dizzy’s clubnight called “atmosphere.” there were lots of people up from victoria .. kinda weird how much the island has seemed to have shrunk. nanaimo used to seem so far away.. not anymore.

mary and karen.. used to look exactly alike. no more.

andy and greg.


a few from the top.. check out the one person standing perfectly still on the dance floor. this is a 15 second time exposure.. weird. apparently dj veronica didn’t move him.


the fundraiser for rave vic ended up going fairly well last night, despite the short amount of time that we had to promote it and put it together. sort of thrown together.. next time we’ll .. have more time!
resonance features the headliner from last night’s festivities, Mr Flibble. it starts at 3 pm PST and goes until 4 pm. you can listen on 101.9 FM in victoria or 104.3 FM on cable, or in real audio.

trusting yourself

i am really glad i trusted my intuition about important things. i can’t remember the last time it was wrong. well, there was those canucks .. but that’s hardly the kind of thing i am talking about here.
before doing anything else, you should most definitely check out jim’s latest post.
and, perhaps if there is a spectrum of the dating world, this may be closer to the above link than anything else, without being the same thing.
okay. now that you’re back, please think about supporting that rave victoria fundraiser tonight at hush. if you’ve ever used the site for the message board, the club listings… someone is paying for the hosting. plus it will be a rather awesome DJ lineup for not that huge of a price.
in other news, i am still awaiting an email back from strongbad. he didn’t update his email today sooooo maybe he’s really busy making an email for me. i hope so! fingers crossed and all that.
hopefully i’ll get to play tennis today and i’ll be able to finish the resonance website tonight before the fundraiser. i’ll be out at hush with my camera.. i’ll put a bunch of pictures of all the cool people out tonight who support this non-for-profit org.
that’s all for now folks!


norton system works did about a good a job at defragging my system drive (the drive this website is hosted off of) as was done with this pile of rocks. not great.
thanks for nothing, norton!

weaving a web

myself, nick and lefty are putting together a website for resonance right now. the url is ready, the server is ready, and the website has been equipped with moveable type to handle the weekly content management. graphics for the ebsite are next. in conjunction with the new kube flyer and a new resonance flyer, the shows profile should be significantly boosted.
if you haven’t listened to resonance, then you’ve missed out on your chance to get free passes to kube. if you have not seen the new kube flyer, then you may not know about resonance, or visa versa. you see?! you must .. get in the loop .. or else .. you will .. miss out!
wait. . this is a blog, not an advertising spot. so like, the blog version of that goes like this:
OMG i just won guestlist spots off of resonance to kube!!!!!!! is anyone else going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but .. i can’t really do that. i am a bit more involved than what that would lead on. you see, according to the kube website, dj ariz0na is the headliner this friday at the etheric link and conkrete concepts weekly sugar installment. that picture was taken by jim at the rgm / extreme studios.
the kube website is hosted by, it is made by justin, who put together conkrete concepts and also produces music under the moniker “formulate”. you guessed it, that’s the same formulate who produced some of the new music we played last week on resonance. wildness. las week we also had new music from switchgear, aka richard who did the website for nick gurns’s previous radio show, energyflash. justin does kube with yoseff, bedlam and freya. yoseff played last week on resonance, and I did chlorine with him, nigel haze and dj brian. dj brian is in his own world right now down in LA, making tracks (last I heard was with Phil K), but nigel haze is back from San Fran and played last week at Kube. I did a club night at arguably the nicest club victoria has ever seen with bedlam and mischiff. yoseff and bedlam were also resident djs on my previous radio show really good music along with nickgurns and spyguy — spyguy happens to be the voice on the intro to resonance.
our next guest on the radio show will be mr flibble, a quality DJ from the UK who is here in Victoria visiting for the week. he also happens to be playing on Thursday at Hush for the underground rave victoria fundraiser. mr flibble is the cousin of rich, who, along with chrissie, is taking me to see deep dish tonight at sugar! back to r.v.. rave victoria used to be something i was more involved with .. now i seem to occasionally delete messages, and sometimes offer a suggestion on policy and stuff like that. others are more active in the design and maintenance of the site, which is super okay with me since it gives me a chance to concentrate a bit more on things like resonance. steve is doing the poster for the fundraiser, and also happens to be going out with someone that, by chance, can be seen in the picture at the top which was taken at kube.
but.. i should go before i take any more of my time or your time up. this is really only the tip of the iceberg. pictures of almost all these people i mention are on this site already, so have a poke around if you’re curious. maybe you know them.
maybe they know you.