the fundraiser for rave vic ended up going fairly well last night, despite the short amount of time that we had to promote it and put it together. sort of thrown together.. next time we’ll .. have more time!
resonance features the headliner from last night’s festivities, Mr Flibble. it starts at 3 pm PST and goes until 4 pm. you can listen on 101.9 FM in victoria or 104.3 FM on cable, or in real audio.

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  1. just for a quarter of a zillionth of a second, i thought supergirl was yoseff in that first shot. i also have a picture in my head of james’ closet, hanger after hanger of orange pez shirts.
    it was a great night, even though i was only there for 10 minutes of it – run down the stairs, uber hug-fest, prad mops to fibbles and his mahssive wall of sound, a few more hugs, some good-byes, then twirls all the way home.

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