trusting yourself

i am really glad i trusted my intuition about important things. i can’t remember the last time it was wrong. well, there was those canucks .. but that’s hardly the kind of thing i am talking about here.
before doing anything else, you should most definitely check out jim’s latest post.
and, perhaps if there is a spectrum of the dating world, this may be closer to the above link than anything else, without being the same thing.
okay. now that you’re back, please think about supporting that rave victoria fundraiser tonight at hush. if you’ve ever used the site for the message board, the club listings… someone is paying for the hosting. plus it will be a rather awesome DJ lineup for not that huge of a price.
in other news, i am still awaiting an email back from strongbad. he didn’t update his email today sooooo maybe he’s really busy making an email for me. i hope so! fingers crossed and all that.
hopefully i’ll get to play tennis today and i’ll be able to finish the resonance website tonight before the fundraiser. i’ll be out at hush with my camera.. i’ll put a bunch of pictures of all the cool people out tonight who support this non-for-profit org.
that’s all for now folks!

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