victoria’s time to vote

Today (after I sleep) will be the day that Victoria decides on a new city councilor, as well as the fate of the Johnson Street Bridge.
The bridge issue has been argued about a significant amount locally. It’s actually pretty entertaining and we have almost enough material for our own version of Almost Live. (Remember that?) Not quite, though.
Here are some basic facts:

  • Federal funding for a replacement bridge has been applied for
  • Federal funding for maintenance on the existing bridge can also be applied for by the city
  • A new bridge costs more than maintaining the existing bridge, ceteris paribus
  • I like new things
  • I like old things

The notion about how unfortunate it would be to squander applied-for financing is illogical, since the financing was for a decision that was not properly made – hence the referendum now. In the future, perhaps our city will learn to apply for things in a logical order, lest they get their application time snagged in their own fallacy of sunk costs. Not tenable.
Cart before the horse – but would Victoria have it any other way? Go vote and decide!

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  1. So 26% of the voting public showed up (ouch) and voted for a new bridge. Vic West really wanted a new bridge, and other areas less so, but clearly the majority wanted it. What I’m really curious about is the way various age groups voted. Are those that wanted it less younger, older, or is there no correlation?

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