burns monument, beacon hill park


Tonight I went out around midnight with my dSLR and a tripod and found a patch of snow around the Burns Monument in Beacon Hill Park. The last time I shot this statue was 5 years and 9 days ago. Back then I just called the monument “Drooling lion.” In those days, the internets was smaller and had less old stuff on it. Also, my interest level was lower than it is now, for whatever reason I don’t know.

Here’s some background on the monument for anyone who is curious:

On November 10, 1900, the Burns Monument was unveiled. The subscribers of the “monument erected to the memory of Robert Burns” presented a Resolution dated November 9, 1900, transferring the monument to the City. The Resolution stipulated that the City must “forever maintain and keep the same as a Monument and Fountain for the benefit of inhabitants of Victoria.” Mayor Hayward acknowledged the gift and read out the conditions. He said, however, that “municipal law forbade anticipating the future or placing burdens on those coming after us.” He assured the group that “authorities would always be pleased to preserve this loving tribute…” (Colonist, November 11, 1900) – Source: beaconhillparkhistory.org

In the photo you’ll see I did some effects in the actual shot itself. That is me painting in 3 dimensions with a bright LED while the 25 second exposure finished. You can’t see me because I was dressed in black, and you don’t see the absence of light in a long time exposure, especially in the presence of captured light.

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  1. Hey David,
    Totally unrelated question but, what ever happened to Pacific Front? Email me, I would really love ot know what happened to my favorite label.

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