Notes on updating

Steps to update with a photo:

  1. Take photo with dSLR
  2. Go home
  3. Download photo to computer, catalogue
  4. Select photo to post in Photoshop, do stuff to photo
  5. Resize photo, export
  6. Upload to Moveable Type
  7. Create entry and categorize
  8. Save, Publish, Rebuild

Steps to update flickr, tumblr or facebook with a photo:

  1. Go to (flickr, tumblr or facebook) app
  2. Choose photo to upload from common image library OR take photo inside the app
  3. Press upload, and the application will resize it to the proper size at the same time.

Besides just being a shorter list, the second list does not include item #2 from the first list. As you can imagine, my desire to go home to update a website about being out is not very high. And so, mobile applications for content management gain relevance.
Of particular note: Why not just update through Movable Type’s mobile web interface? Answer: There’s no image upload field in the iPhone version of Safari, so Six Apart could not build that in. However, there is nothing stopping Six Apart from making an iPhone app. Apps seem to have no problem with resizing and sending photos away for publishing.
Trend significance: As updating websites via content management systems has become an integral part of communications, a natively mobile application to do so will make the most out of hardware and interface, resulting in websites and portals of information that are more readily used by those with a stake in activity. In this regard, WordPress’ iOS app has excelled far beyond Movable Type’s web app in mobile relevance.
So what does all this mean?
If I want to continue to update my website and divorce myself from the relatively ancient desktop way of doing things, I have to move from Movable Type to WordPress, or abandon photos. Is there another solution?

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  1. I have fought with this too. WordPress app is nice and I do use it for the regular posting. However I have found the photo management options for WP lacking and ended up using Gallery, which means now I have an external app to upload to and then use WP connector (only usable in web interface) to get the photos on the site.
    Nothing seems super easy.
    For you because you aren’t always posting galleries, you could probably make due with the WP app on the go.

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