A brief update

A lot has changed.
Lets see:

  • At the end of August I left Smallbox Software after 4+ years. Great people, great experience, time well spent.
  • In September, I started full time courses to finish off a BBA in Marketing Communications Management. I am challenging one course, doing 3 courses at Camosun College, and one at the University of Athabasca. Mostly it is International Business. I quite like it.
  • I’m planning on moving and gaining some experience working abroad. I want more diversity in my resume and why not gain it from some new (to me) part of the world? No reason not to. Every reason to do so. I’m doing it.
  • I just finished producing a new Jets Overhead remix. Anand did *3* remixes for them. I just had time to do 1. But I’m very happy with it and I’m pumped to get it mastered. Mastering makes a massive difference in dance music. I don’t think it’s very easy to understand unless you do some side-by-side comparisons and then try mixing them live. The difference blows me away.
  • Next on the remix schedule is DB Clifford – one of his new tracks off his yet-to-be-released new album Feet Above The Ground. Great album, I’m really excited to get my hands on the studio parts.

That is it for now. Thought I’d make the blog about something other than Trinidad photos – which are great – but also a lot of work. As a side note, next time I go there, I want to make it to Tobago. I wonder if I can sail there?

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  1. Congrats on the decision to live and work abroad… Living and working in China these past few years has changed my life and more than doubled my portfolio and CV. I highly recommend Asia. I hear South America is also great. Give Europe a try if you can afford it.

  2. Thanks Joel and =)!
    =) Yes I’ll post info on the reeeeemix here and I’ll put it up on my Soundcloud player as well!
    Nirav – I’m looking for a combination of cultural experience, quality of job experience, and pay. So, where-ever I find the right balance would be a good place to start. I haven’t ruled too many countries out at this point.

  3. Hey man!
    Sounds like a great new direction for you. Bad for us here who will miss you, great for a new place and people where you chose to live.
    Sounds like our portrait project needs to get some legs soon!

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