AFK – Sunset Sessions: August 2010

This edition of Sunset Sessions was mixed in the settings of two planes, three countries, two hemispheres, and varying times of day and night. I started on it on a midnight flight to Houston, flying over lightning storms, clouds flashing silently, and otherwise illuminated by the moon. I picked it back up in Trinidad for a couple evenings, and then spent an evening in Toronto refining it. Finally I returned to Victoria and reworked it until I came up with this mix, which I think you’ll find is a pretty special one now.

The photograph was taken a few weeks ago in San Juan, Trinidad. I ought to mention that my latest remix – of Kenneth Thomas – is a third of the way into the session. This mix went through many iterations and contains a lot of hard work by a lot of very talented artists. If you enjoy this, I encourage you to find and follow them. As always, I have provided the means to do so below.


  1. Spooky – What Are We Waiting For (Dub mix) [Stella Polaris Music]
  2. Tone Depth – Rumblefish (Ambient mix) [Bedrock Records]
  3. The Emissary – Synapse (Fretwell remix) [Digital Sensation UK]
  4. Kenneth Thomas – Gunnin’ (AFK remix) [Morphosis Recordings]
  5. Faskil – Blow Up (Original mix) [Silk Digital Records]
  6. Solarity – Essence (Claes Rosen remix) [Silk Digital Records]
  7. Way Out West – Surrender (Eelke Kleijn remix) [Hope Recordings]
  8. Ivan Nikusev and Wave-E – One Day Before (Dynamic Illusion remix) [Mistiquemusic]
  9. Que and Alex Monakhov – Hola (Proff remix) [Anjunadeep]
  10. Max Graham – Dusky 2010 (Does She Know Yet) [Armada Music]
  11. Oceanlab – I Am What I Am (Lange remix) [Ultra]
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  1. Aw man this mp3 was awesome ,close to the ending where the girl says ‘stop trying to change me, I am what I am,I don’t need you to save me,I am what I am,I don’t want you to show me because I stand where I stand ,I just need you to know me, just to know who I am’ ,that was inspiring because in life you can’t change others but you can like yourself for who you are and if necessary change yourself ,hopefully for the better.

  2. Those are great lyrics – part of the reason I chose the track. Here are the full lyrics:
    I know you’ve read
    So many books
    You keep abreast of all the things
    You think you should
    You’ve got your own home grown philosophy
    And it works for you
    But please don’t try to make it work for me
    I know you feel
    You need to prove
    That you are good at simply
    Everything you try to do
    And people hang on your every word
    That you deliver
    With conviction
    Though they may just be absurd
    You have nothing to prove
    But you’re trying much too hard
    Leave your armour behind
    Free your vulnerable mind
    I don’t want you to show me
    Because I stand where I stand
    I just need you to know me
    Just know who I am
    Stop trying to change me
    No I don’t need you to save me
    I am what I am
    – J. Suissa

  3. Davin, this is one of your best mixes in a while. I’m always excited for the next one. It’s superb all the way through, but my favourite, when I’m really grooving in my work, or motoring (on foot) thru the streets of Beijing, is tracks 4 through 8. I’ve also been playing with that Kleijn remix of Way Out West’s Surrender for one of my upcoming mixes. Brilliantly transitioned in from the Solarity track.

  4. I’ve just finished giving this a 4th complete listen, and I love it more each time. Well done sir! Definitely deserves a permanent spot on the mp-thrizzle player.

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