Adam just made an awesome post on biking, which contains a well articulated overview of different bike options for anyone considering a new bike. I am guessing from his description that the bike I took a photo of, above, is probably a townie hiding out behind the basket. I don’t know for sure. Found on Quadra outside of Floyds.
At this point I am leaning towards a Hybrid.

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  1. Gee, Davin steering towards a Hybrid… How appropriate. 😀
    When you eventually get a bike, I think you should name it “Echoplex.”
    (ps: everything should have a name. Yes, how Dao of me, I know)
    Hey, I know it’s late, but speaking of punny, or perhaps irony, or simply a dry sense of humor… Do you think it’s too late to ask Infusion to do a remix of your track Bergamot? I expect you’d already thought of that and had a chuckle.

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