weir at lake cowichan

The website has been given a new lighter treatment. Let’s call it tech-rust.
The above photo is from the weir at Lake Cowichan – actually not too far from the Caycuse Bell a couple entries back. It was built in 1956 and serves to regulate levels of both the lake and the river. On the other side of this, where the weir drains from the lake, is where the Cowichan River begins. If you ever go tubing on this river, you might start right beside the weir and float down the river for the next few hours. It’s a highly recommended experience. The weir is probably a dangerous place to go swimming at this time of year, and the water would also be pretty cold.
Not too far down the river is an old trestle that’s been turned into a bridge. The rust on that trestle is the new background on this site, layered a couple times and put under a little pattern that I conjured up last night.

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  1. that is stupid trippy photo. First thing I thought I was looking perpendicular down the trough of a wave, then wondered if you’d graphically designed some sort of blending the water into the sky… Jeepers, I’m still not sure what I’m looking at!
    As for your tech-rust treatment, I like it. Almost has a bit of a granite tone to it as well.

  2. Yah, trippy photo. I thought I was looking inside a wave curl like you sometimes see from surfing videos/photos. I was wondering how you took the photo. I’m still not really sure what I’m looking at, but it’s a cool photo.
    +1 for new style design.

  3. Yes, great shot! I like how you caught that little bubble (is that a bubble?) in the centre….I like your new design as well, gotta switch it up once in awhile hey?

  4. ooOOoo! Rust-tastic! Nyce. Your design is awesome++ such that bg changes such as this are probably fairly easy, ain’t they?
    Might almost make one think about . . . randomization? swappable themes?

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