laura mitic at cabin 12

Bare with me here, I’m going to get nerdy. The Canon 5D Mark 2 at ISO6400 with a 50mm at F1.4 is basically night vision. This photo is brighter than it actually was there by a wide margin. Though it’s not grain-free, it’s completely usable and I am rather impressed by the whole deal.
Likewise I was impressed by Laura at Cabin 12 who sang a show at the new spot on Monday night.

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  1. That’s an impressive shot with those selected settings. The 50mm is definitely a very crisp lens.

  2. Last post ate the second half of my comment. ( apparently you can’t ‘less-than-three’ in the comments without quotes ) Love the ultra ISO levels; what was the shutter speed on this shot?

  3. @Nirav – Looks a bit less crisp at higher resolution but yes, I recommend it.
    @M.Phong – I think I was at 1/50th here
    @Craig – something to do while watching the game – some folks drink beer, I redesign

  4. Damn, I’d love to get a 50D or 5D Mk. II for the high ISO stuff.. leaves my 350D in the shade when shooting in low light.

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