view street, victoria

This is what View Street (at Vancouver) looks like approximately right now. They’ve laid down some mesh and other stuff over the pipes, and also moved the pipes around a bit, but more or less it looks like this. Basically the road has been in a slow-motion fail for a number of years and is sinking because they built it on a lake, so the solution has been to dig up the road and throw down a bunch of tubes and then put concrete over top of it. Kind of like a bridge with no bottom, plus a series of tubes. Yes, that is correct, the internets are soon going to be buried underneath View and Vancouver St. The roads are closed here but the sidewalk is open to pedestrians still. Some people are riding their bikes on this sidewalk and almost running into me in the morning, but I would say it’s a bad idea to those bikers since someone might throw a tube in their spokes by accident one day. It’s a dangerous world!
Has anyone actually seen any of the plans for what they’re doing with our money? How is this supposed to work?

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  1. I thought it was built on a bog, not a lake? Those 2 pink condo buildings on View, across from London Drugs, are slowly sinking too… which is why no one wants to buy them anymore (or so I’ve heard).

  2. Bog / lake / swamp. Was mentioning to someone the other day that bogs are pretty awesome – this is where scotch comes from! We’re missing out on Glennview single malt because of this construction.

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