adam freeland at hush

Here’s a photo of Adam Freeland DJing at Hush a couple weeks ago. Earlier in the night I also DJ’d and the night was well attended from the beginning. Unfortunately the night was so well attended that we ended up leaving before it was over – too many people on the dance-floor to do anything except get elbowed! Fun night nonetheless and so there it is.
I took this photo with my olde Canon Powershot G2, a trusty and fun camera that I shot with for 4 years before picking up my absolutely awesome Canon EOS 30D. The G2 has a few features that have yet to make it fully into the Canon dSLR world such as live view, which is the ability to see the shot on the LCD before you take it – something that is available on almost every consumer point and shoot camera but on only a handful of dSLR’s at this point. Another thing would be Auto ISO in manual mode – this is something that seems a bit ridiculous to not have for low light settings. As you can see from above, the G2 is significantly noisier (grainier) than the 30D is – this is because of the larger image sensor in the 30D and general increase in resolution (4.0 megapixel compared to 8.2 megapixel). The other item would be a detaching and swiveling LCD screen so that you can do fancy angled shots like this and see what you are going to get before you take the shot. It’s a huge boon for composition from strange angles. The alternative to this is just taking a bunch of shots from roughly the same angle and then deleting what you don’t like later – this is what I do right now with the 30D, but it is an inferior method compared to composing the shot and waiting for the right moments. Perhaps this comparison is a couple years late, but I have had a good amount of time with both cameras to know and use them well enough to compare the actual significant differences. There is a big difference in how you use a camera with live view with only one lens and a camera with an optical viewfinder only and switchable lenses. Anyway I could go on but I must, instead, go.
Today at work I plan on defining the terms “blog,” “forum,” and “wiki” and differentiating between them. Has anyone else done that? Got any thoughts on the subject?

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  1. I’d say you’re right on in terms of what the content is. In terms of content generation there is another dimension to each I would say:
    blog: 1 user generating entries at time with comments from anyone
    forum: many users starting topics at any given time with discussion from members (usually but not always members only)
    wiki: many users defining resources, no commenting or discussion directly on the wiki

  2. You already know much about the Canon 40D, the successor to the 30D, but I will remind you that it has both live view on the LCD *and* Auto ISO in manual mode. And while it has the same size image sensor as the 30D, it is now a higher-resolution sensor.
    I don’t pretend to be an expert, but the reason I know these things is because I’ve been researching the 40D a lot lately to buy. I just need to procure that pesky $1600 for the full starter kit.
    On the other subject, you might also consider which of those formats are moderated:
    blog: not moderated
    forum: sometimes moderated for things like nudity/bad content
    wiki: often moderated for correctness

  3. Also, to further add to the definitions:
    blog: 1 person who is the authority writing an “article”, with others commenting on it.
    forum: no single authority or article, just multiple opinions/comments on a subject – a simulated discussion.
    wiki: multiple people collaborating on a single article, no commenting. The article is the authority, not the authors.

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