AFK – Shakedown

The Shakedown mix was done for the Shakedown Podcast, presented by Resonant Vibes. I took the photo above in Myakka park, Florida, when I went to go visit Krishen last year. Later we went to Miami for the WMC and met some of the Resonant Vibes folks. This mix features a range of my influences as a producer and a DJ, so you will find some older and some newer music unusually mixed together. Check it out..


  1. Voyager – Someone Else (Voyager and Avedon’s I-40 mix) – SCI
  2. D.D.P. – Conundrum (Planisphere remix) – Bonzai Records
  3. Dale Anderson and Tim Davison – The More I Know (Paul Rogers remix) – Feed Me Records
  4. Niyaz – Dilruba (Junkie XL remix) – Six Degrees Records
  5. AFK & Dustin H – The Morning Star (Original mix) – Pacific Front Recordings
  6. Silence ‘O’ Phobia – Chupakabra (Dynamic Illusion remix) – HeadRush Music
  7. Dustin H & Nero – Summer Solstice (Original mix) – Pacific Front Recordings
  8. LSG – Hidden Sun of Venus (Oliver Lieb remix) – Superstition
  9. Dale Anderson and Keenan – Promises (Original mix) – Baroque Recordings
  10. AFK – Eclipse (Dustin H’s Someday Solar remix) – Pacific Front Recordings
Download: Download AFK – Shakedown (guest mix) mp3

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