AFK – Friskation

This 4 hour continuous mix features music from Seed, Jacob Todd, Tiebreaker, Voyager, c79, Joel Armstrong, AFK, Micah, Blake Jarrell, Formulate, Shiloh, John Morgan and Kevin Shiu, Dustin H, Steve May, His Boy Elroy, Dale Anderson and many more. It starts off in breakbeat territory, goes prog-electro-tech house for a bit, then a series of massive breaks re-align the set before preparing to take-off to an extended and proper flight of progressive that I suspect will hit all the right buttons for you. This mix took several months to put together and originally aired as a featured artist mix on San Francisco based Frisky Radio.


  1. Blue Haze – Regaining Consciousness (Dislodged breaks remix) – Nascent Recordings
  2. Seed – Echoes (Original mix) – Ritual Sounds
  3. Jacob Todd – Lunedi (Andrew Kelley remix) – Sentient Audio Collective
  4. Tiebreaker – Markarian 421 (Seed vs. Phokus remix) – Pacific Front Recordings
  5. Digital Witchcraft – Brindavan (Original mix) – Opek Music
  6. Voyager – 4 The Heart (Original mix) – S.C.I. Recordings
  7. AFK and Dustin H – Cascadia (Daniel Lindeberg remix) – Emote Music
  8. c79 – Dope Ride (Original mix) – Pacific Front Recordings
  9. Voyager – Train of Thought (Original mix) – S.C.I. Recordings
  10. AFK – Lush (Jaytech and Matt Rowan remix) – Proton Music
  11. Formulate – Rising Edge (Joel Armstrong remix) – Pacific Front Recordings
  12. Quivver featuring Nikki Mack – Not Givin’ Up (D-Nox and Beckers remix) – Boz Boz
  13. AFK & Dustin H – The Morning Star (Original mix – AFK edit) – Pacific Front Recordings
  14. Andy Page and Danny Bonnici – Vermouth (Original mix) – EQ Grey
  15. Desert Dwellers – Musiki Ukabili (AFK’s Moon Over Myakka remix) – Ritual Sounds
  16. Blake Jarrell – Okoboji (His Boy Elroy remix) – Proton Music
  17. LP – Angels (Original mix) – Project Argo
  18. Nefilim – Biscayne Bay (Micah’s Open Waters remix) – Winds West
  19. Coldplay – Talk (JunkieXL remix – AFK edit) – Capitol Records
  20. AFK and Dustin H – Cascadia (Jacob Todd remix) – Emote Music
  21. Shiloh – Dream On (Luke Chable remix) – Baroque Records
  22. Space Manoeuvers – Zone 2 (Benz and MD Aurium remix) – Lost Language
  23. John Morgan and Kevin Shiu – Acid Brownies (Shiloh remix) – Powerplant Music
  24. Union Jack – Two Full Moons and a Trout (Luke Chable remix) – Platipus
  25. Audioholics – External Key (Original mix) – Electronic Elements
  26. Dustin H – Receive The Light (Original mix) – Pacific Front Recordings
  27. Greed – Rolling Hills (Shiloh remix) – ACDC
  28. Max Graham – Crank (Original mix) – Yoshi Toshi
  29. Haji and Emanuel – Take Me Away (Haji and Emanuel Vocal mix) – Big Love
  30. Bedrock – Santiago (Bedrock’s St. James mix) – Bedrock
  31. DJ Remy and Roland Klinkenberg – Ignite (Original mix) – 68 Recordings
  32. AFK – Eclipse (Steve May’s Total Lunar remix – AFK edit) – Pacific Front Recordings
  33. AFK – Eclipse (Dustin H’s Someday Solar remix) – Pacific Front Recordings
  34. Dale Anderson – Yesterday (Unreleased mix – AFK edit) – Unreleased
Download: AFK – Friskation (mp3)

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  1. It’s just like a night out!!!
    Awesome track selection as always, an absolute delight to listen to, stick this on at a house party at midnight and rock the hours away with some absolute diamond tunez!!
    Love it!

  2. hello Davin!!!! Can’t find some tracks you played in this mix… especially from “S.C.I. Recordings”…

  3. Yeah – you probably can’t get them anymore.
    S.C.I. was only on Beatport for a short time. Beatport tends to turn over labels fairly quickly regardless of the quality. Beatport is only interested in quantity. Shame but there you have it. That’s their business model.

  4. Sad… very very sad to read it…. Your release named “Seismic” with Dustin H is not accessable in Beatport… 🙁 Prog/breaks style is not for many people… Start of mix is soooo “powerful” in musical relation, i can’t describe it 😉 Greetings from Russia, dude!

  5. Oh, I’d never think that I can meet some russian people… here.
    That’s very pleasant to me because it means that even in Russia live some persons with great musical tastes (I used to doubt).
    That’s a very nice mix, but it’s too hard for me to listen to it continiously for 4 hours. Thanx a lot for your music, Davin! Greeting fron Russia once again 🙂

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