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  1. haha so great! I love the nice one of the ladies in sunglasses and then the next one Justin jumps in and everyone makes faces.

  2. 9799 – striking
    9842 – great shot of neil
    9862 – nice exposure! cool light here
    9935 – neat shot, very artistic!
    9957 – pretty cool shirt… it intrigued me in a previous shot, and this one was big enough to make out the text underneath – “Blue Monday – New Order” — so of course i look the track up on iTunes, and there are several versions, and lo and behold, one that’s 7:29 long… from the soundtrack to “Moog”, the motion picture… if this is marketing for that movie, it’s very clever..
    9985 – caroline’s expression here cracks me up 🙂
    0084 – love this shot of jim
    0122 – love the expressions here!
    0170 – beautiful shot of kenzie
    0180 – great shot of kate
    0221 – whoa saxamaphone — cool, what act was that?
    general: great pics!! looks like it was massive event..
    i love the vemf shirts; who did the design? vemf is looking better every year… it’s almost like wmc of the northwest 🙂

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