Tiebreaker – Markarian 421

Around the time I was making Eclipse, Anand had started work on our third track. This one started off as a pretty deadly breakbeat that Anand had programmed while he was over one time. I made a bassline, Anand tweaked it a bunch and we started in on the atmospherics. The sample is a fellow talking about Quasars and in particular they were tracking this one which seemed to be moving away from the earth at an incredible speed. They are not talking about Markarian 421 (read this link, it’s super neat), which is categorized as a Blazar (type of quasar from my understanding).

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Markarian 421 is particularly notabable, however, as it is roughly the same brightness as our entire galaxy and is suspected to have a black hole as part of it’s object, as well as a companion galaxy. Blazars are regarded as being the most volatile object in the universe, and I think it might be because the black hole is actually rejecting “new submissions” and projecting them in two beams perpendicular to accretion disk surrounding it. One of those beams is, apparently, pointed directly at earth. Anyway if you are interested in this, read this article on Markarian 421, it is much better at explaining it than I am. Kind of hard to imagine, but there you have it. Maaaahh-seeev. Some of the noises in this track are mimicking waves of light and also pulses. Australian house and breaks producer extraordinare Jarius Miller does a funky progressive house remix, and Ritual Sounds / Moontribe’s Seed (DJ Brian if you ever picked up one of his Hardesertrance CD’s on Moonshine) does a nasty breaks remix with Phokus.

  1. Tiebreaker – Markarian 421 (Original mix)
  2. Tiebreaker – Markarian 421 (Jarius Miller remix)
  3. Tiebreaker – Markarian 421 (Seed and Phokus remix)

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