just say no to atlanta

seriously folks, if you have any chance of having to connect in atlanta, avoid it. avoid being around flights to atlanta, even if you’re not taking them. this flight to atlanta shown here was double-booking the gate that my flight to vancouver was supposed to leave from, causing my flight to vancouver to be late, letting me through customs 10 minutes after the last flight to victoria was leaving vancouver. yes i stayed over night in the airport because by the time the customs had been cleared, no one from united airlines was available and they were not answering their phones. i have written them a letter documenting the events.
oh by the way i will be posting more pics from the actual trip. just had to get this bit about atlanta off of my chest.

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  1. Ha ha, I feel your pain regarding the ATL. I had to travel there for work every 10 weeks for some years, and though I imagine I became somewhat hardened to the true horrors of Hartsfield airport I would also never send a loved one through that nightmare.

  2. haha at chompers… yes, Atlanta does suck, primarily in that it’s so big, by the time you make it across to the new gate for your flight, they’ve changed it to a different gate already and you only find out after you’ve reached the obsolete gate. Oh yes. It sucks.

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