less cryptic

ria, erik and sarah moved to montreal the housewarming party is NEXT weekend, not this one i am djing at hush tonight with braeden, it’s gonna be massive! me and gurton found a gravity station last weekend, and i have a tonne more photos i want to share went to home depot last night, bought […]


guess what i am doing!#$%$&#$%!@@#$!#!@~ i am getting ready to play at hush on saturday night. braeden and myself will be laying down the old-school trance massives, think of it like the classive shows were on RGM. oh yes, right proper massive. i’ve shortlisted 2/3’s of my records so far and i have .. well, […]


here i am .. in a new setting. i wont show you the place yet, it isn’t done. we are going to do a few more things to it and for it .. and then a housewarming party. which we need to set a new date for, ummm soon! i’m working on a josee allard […]