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  • ria, erik and sarah moved to montreal
  • the housewarming party is NEXT weekend, not this one
  • i am djing at hush tonight with braeden, it’s gonna be massive!
  • me and gurton found a gravity station last weekend, and i have a tonne more photos i want to share
  • went to home depot last night, bought supplies for making an entertainment unit / bench, bought a new lamp and some herb plants
  • going to the gym regularly is awesome. i bought a year membership at the Y and i’m feeling good about that decision
  • have not given myself enough time to make choons or work on pacific front stuff, so i am going to correct that somehow. focus!
  • the victoria electronic music festival is on its way! look at the website: www.vemf.ca.
  • i checked out an impromaniacs show at the old bailey on wednesday night (i think) and it was really quite a bit of fun. asparagus.
  • the place is coming together and i get anxious when i can’t work on making it closer to finished. gurton’s been a huge help, above and beyond type. stuff we still need: more shelving for my room, another desk for the living area, vacuum cleaner, more art / photos for the walls.
  • lefty’s sorted out the DNS issues. i think. hooray lefty!
  • i gotta go eat. thanks for staying tuned.

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