i watched lock, stock and two smoking barrels. alison lent it to me, it’s pretty good. now i gotta buy some dvd’s so i can participate in the ‘trade’ part of the deal. hah. that movie, you keep on thinking it is going to end, and then it gets better and better.
lazy sunday today, not much to say other than saturday night was huge as expected and wow! i love what happens when you put yourself in traffic.

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  1. i loooove that movie.
    you are coming back to Vic soon right? my boy is almost back and will have to accompany me next time.

  2. This is a wierd little aside but I have noticed that you say ” me and amalia did blahblahblah” or “me and gurton went dootdootdoot” a lot..
    Technically you should be saying “Braeden and I (insert verb).”
    There is an easy way to check this: if you left off the second subject and only were talking about yourself, would you say I or me?
    EXAMPLE: “me went to the video store” (wrong)
    “I went to the video store” (ok)
    “Braeden and I went to the video store” (perfection!) =)

  3. I actually speak that way, however, I don’t ever expect anyone else to follow proper grammar rules, and certainly wouldn’t take any sort of pains to correct someone else’s grammar…
    Because it’s really lame ;).

  4. Apparently you boys are pretty touchy about your grammar skills!! Davin’s a smart cookie, I’m sure he appreciates friendly constructive criticism. As for practical applications.. yes, I really do speak like that!

  5. Aw man. I was going to post a silly super-touchy smart alecky comment too, but the blog thought I was a potential spammer. Grr!
    It would have been funny! Honest!

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