here i am .. in a new setting. i wont show you the place yet, it isn’t done. we are going to do a few more things to it and for it ..
and then a housewarming party. which we need to set a new date for, ummm soon!
i’m working on a josee allard remix and it is surprising me the direction that it is taking. being offline gave me the time to concentrate on things like production and also start going to the gym with braeden. it’s good. lifestyle change.
since i have moved downtown it seems that i’ve gotten a lot on the go. i have internet back … it took shaw quite a while and they have agreed to waive the set-up fee since they messed up the scheduling only 4 times. hooray!
i didn’t waste my time though. we’ve got quite a bit set up and i am really encouraged by the space we’re already in. i just need to spend a bit more time at home. actually i WANT to spend a little more time at home. kind of unusual for me! it’s cool.
hey i gotta buy a new vaccuum. anyone got any good tips on what to look out for when buying a vaccuum? no need to make any ‘suck’ jokes.

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  1. Dyson’s are generally good vacume cleaners. We’ve got a DC05 with Motorhead (Cylinder, not upright) at my folks and that works well, although there’s newer models than that which are more effective.

    It’s all you’ll ever need.
    Ever. They’re expensive though…
    If you’re planning on having carpets…
    I’d be thinking of buying one if we weren’t going to rip our carpets out in favour of laminate flooring.

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