U2 Live in Vancouver

well according to the rules I can’t post any pictures on teh interweb, until after the worldwide tour is over. which is tonight. i heard word that Vancouver will serve for the Official Tour DVD which is neat and provided for an extra interesting show.
okay this is neat: they got on some time between 8:30 and 9:00. the band played until 11:30. they completely rocked it out. it was insanity. they are better live than they were last time i saw them at the pop mart tour. their stage set up needs to be seen in person, which i suppose only leaves you tonight to attempt. it is amazing……..
favorites.. a new one .. city of blinding lights (which they also shot the video for in vancouver on wednesday and partly last night) .. was brilliant live. in fact a lot of the stuff off the new album .. well, you realize that they’re great live songs, decent album songs (for U2). that being said, the new ones they played were incredible. other fav’s for the evening .. Running To A Stand Still (of course, how could they not). . One, Zoo Station, oh i can’t decide, they were all so good. the set was clearly carefully planned out, rocked hard at the beginning, desceneded BPM into some of their really powerful plodding stuff, went epic with Running to a Stand Still, and revved things back up with Where The Streets Have No Name. yeah it was stupid good.
i have to shake my head at how good this show was last night.
okay enough of that. lotus tonight, hush tomorrow night to see Steve May!

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