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  1. Dude, I’d like to see you do a critique of the new sound system they are touting. I just don’t see anything on the xmax site that tells me that these speakers are that great for ‘sound quality’. There is a reason that big bass bins are usually big….. cubic volume. I mean, I could make a bass bin that was 8 inches thick but it would sound crappy because it wasn’t tuned.
    So ya, I would like to hear you say you were pleasantly surprised by this system 🙂

  2. gurton: clearly you do not read the DJ ariz0na website! <– events !!!!!!!!!!
    denis: the sound at lotus is really quite good, there are still subs there. not sure what it says on the xmax site about subs. but they are there and the bass is reallygood.
    kev: whut?

  3. oh sacred interweb how much you have to teach me.
    stoopid interweb. why doesn’t it know all the things I want/need/should know and display them for me on the inside of my eyelids when I sleep?
    stoopid interweb.

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