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Steve Ireland

Height: 6’0″
Weight: 155lb, soaking wet
Hair: Blonde

Interests: Freenet, hockey, Green Day, alcohol, raving, sex,
driving, pizza, movie theatres, bands, skiing, pool, lying around and
doing dick all.

Uninterests: Spending lots of time and effort on making


Addicted to Noise Music News
Underground Voice





Please send mail to my girlfriend.. she never gets any.

That is all.


note: this is .. i don’t know 7 years old? the picture is from my going away party a few months ago. steve is one of my very best friends — he’s seen me at some of my most rough times and some of my very best times. he’s a talented newsman on cfax 1070, is an entertaining hockey player, can dance all night, play bass, and is our group of friends “Designated Asshole,” a distinction he carries with pride. Although sometimes he abbreviates it to “DA,” you know, just so certain people are not offended by the designation. Perhaps they might get jealous if they were to learn the truth.
I met Steve back in the day off of the Victoria Freenet, now known as the Victoria Telecommunity Network. They set up an IRC server so a few of us night owls could chat — they restricted the hours on the server from 10 PM – 8 AM (or something) and we’d eagerly wait to login and start yapping when we were 17 or 18. 8 or 9 years ago. Matt, Me, Steve, (Travelling) Pete, Kristen, Stephanie would hang out in a channel named #zero and shoot the [bleep] until the wee hours of the morning. Honourable mentions go to Jennifer Lucy (Spider) and Cecelia (kitten / coffee) for the random drop in. I miss those times — occassionally we’d be up til 7 AM if the conversation was good; it happened many times. We’d decide at 2 AM to meet up at Alzu’s and it was the coolest thing ever; we could operate in stealth, no phone ringing up the parents or anything! *sneak*
Steve’s name online was “Iowa” and I thought it would be funny to mock him by calling myself “ariz0na”. As luck would have it, I had IRC set up to remember which nickname I used last and so ariz0na stuck, and people started calling me ariz0na. I kept it, it sounded cool. That’s about the entirety of my connection to The State of Arizona. That and I have a cool friend named Christine from Arizona, but she’s moving to Boston (?!) next week or soon, so that’ll be that. And that has little to do with .. anything. Thank you for reading.
i thought it’d be funny to take Steve’s webpage and make it into a blog entry so you can get to know the steve that many of my closest friends know. the link to my site doesn’t work because somebody vindictive (cough, netpig johnny, cough) at the victoria telecommunity network nuked my account for no good reason, even though i contributed decent monitary donations several times to their pithy little non-for-profit organization. not that i am bitter; i found the website archived on my own server; indeed i have outsmarted even myself. cunning!
That is all.

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  1. yeah but you can only get so far with that .. it shows the old ‘updated page’ (which first served as a blog in 1996, and then was stripped down to be technical shnooze) but all the other links are hard coded as absolute links instead of relative links. uh, error!
    it’s still interesting to see how different my writing was back then.

  2. ahh the freenet…
    It was because you and “Mel” met James (“desperado”) on the freenet that I got introduced to him, many years ago.
    You guys: “Hey, we have this guy we met on the freenet. He’s really cool”
    My response: “You met him on the internet? Doesn’t sound good”
    Well, It’s been 6 1/2 years and counting, and we are still dating.
    Guess the internet/freenet boyz aren’t all that bad.

  3. pete: dunno don’t care i just say what i wanna 😛 perhaps i will profile you next.
    kyrsten: now that is true comedy. freenet love: doesn’t work for everbody, but for some it does. lol!

  4. What an honour, the subject of a Davin blog entry! I can now die happy.
    VTN still hasn’t nuked my account — and I never gave a dime.

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