2005 the year of?

i don’t mean to sound really negative, but it’s going to come out that way anyways. please, i don’t want a whole year of anything. certainly i don’t want a full year of trance, a full year of drum and bass, a full year of minimal tech, a full year of progressive breaks, a full year of funky tribal banjo intelligent disco garage, or a full year of banging techno, a full year of nuskool breaks. this bores me to tears. please give it up! lets hear it for variety. stop predicting and start participating.

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  1. I always look forward to all new genre’s of anything, if there wasn’t variety than we’d have a pretty boring place to live in.
    I think you’re picture is very cool davin, made me smile 🙂

  2. some things are worth predicting though…like this one.
    I predict that “I” will not be attending ANY party/event until I have contacted the promoters to make sure they will NOT ALLOW freakin bongo drummers into said party/event. I’m afraid that NYE finished me in that regard. Enough is enough. I thought they spoiled an otherwise wonderful party for quite a few people, as I am now finding out from a few inquiries.
    Anyway, ya, I agree….. let’s turn it upside down.

  3. i like bongo drumming .. i think it is part of the culture .. it is unfortunate that there was at least one or two drummers trying to drum louder than the music .. made it hard to mix .. i am sure if someone asked them to keep it at a more reasonable level they would have .. but i don’t know anyone that did.

  4. unfortunately they were asked to turn it down or can it about 30 times over the night with zero results. The coat check girls couldn’t even hear the music!!!!!
    I would not be maki8ng a great big thing about this if there was only one or two drummers, but there were 8-10 of them and then they loan their drums to people who have absolutely no idea how to drum. I came within a hair breadth of getting the promoters to insist they stop and take their drums either into the chill room or into their cars.
    I have had it with that crap and I am not gonna put up with it by not going to parties where they will be allowed. There will be lots of flames I am certain, but ya know what?….. I don’t care. This has really frosted my pat00tie!

  5. Really, there is no need to predict because we already know what this will be the year of.
    It is going to be the year of … MR GURNS!

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